• Mark Song

1 thing you can do to improve your SEO right now.

If you're a wedding photographer/videographer and anything like me; you're worrying about getting clients, finishing your backlog on time, updating your Instagram feed, getting your presets to look how you want; and you've got one more thing looming at the back of your mind: improving your SEO.

Getting straight to the point, you want a quick fix to improve your SEO. You could watch heaps of Youtube videos and try to understand what backlinks are, but realistically, you want something actionable that you could do in under 15 minutes, right now. Here it is:

Do it now: Replace your homepage photos with a progressive JPG file

What is a Progressive JPEG and why should I use it? Google penalises slow loading sites, especially for mobile. You can check your current site speed here: A progressive JPEQ file loads your images as pixelated at first, then gets clearer as it loads. Having that will increase your loading time and still deliver crisp images. For example:

I made this small change last week, and already saw an improvement in my page speed and page size. With that change, my website moved from page 4 in Google to page 3, when you search "wedding videographers Christchurch"! I'm working towards getting that to page 1, but having that improvement has been encouraging.

Page loading speed improving measured by gtmetrix

How to convert your photo to a progressive JPEG

You could find a free converter online such as Alternatively, you could export it using Photoshop, by clicking on "Save for Web", then ticking the "Progressive" box.

How to export save for web by photoshop

How to save a jpg file as progressive on photoshop

That's it, easy as pie!

Once that's done, you'll hopefully be able to see an improvement within a few days. If that helped, I'll appreciate if you checked out the rest of my website and videos (that would help out my SEO too!) Cheers, Mark

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